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The 3 Dee

Posted by Veroland on 2007-07-05

Actually, I don't really like the size. But the owner wants it that long. So, we gotta figured out how to make it looks normal within that kind of dimension. Thank God for the V twin industry that they already came out with 20" diameter for the rear wheels, and it's definitely huge! So we use one of the metal motor sport products; 20" diameter with 10.5" wide, and mount the giant 280mm x 20" avon tire. And we also use 23" wheels for the front side.

We are trying to make something new in the rear section. Look, check out the rear fender. The fender moves with the swing arm, so there is no huge gap between fender and the tire when we raise the air suspension. But when you see it from aside, neither there is gap between seat and the fender. That is because of the boomerang side that we've designed.

The wheels, hand control, forward control, air cleaner, etc. are in 3D design. So we're trying to fabricate the body work follows the line of the 3D.

After all, KickAss Choppers is not only to build an ass kickin' bikes. Instead, we can also build in any size of what you've always wanted; from small bobbers to a gigantic show bike with the right trail geometry as well. And oh, of course, it can be ridden too - not just a "show" bike!

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