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The Ocp Project
Posted by Ade Putri on 2007-10-20
"Kita pengen bikin motor yang sesederhana mungkin dan sebisanya jadi slim, dari basic softail. Jadi bukan motor chopper dengan dimensi panjang. Tapi nanti justru lebih memaksimalkan 'tongkrongan' dan detailnya," Veroland menjelaskan tentang motor yang sedang dibangunnya untuk Jose Teveira a.k.a. OCP ini. [more..]


The 3 Dee
Posted by Veroland on 2007-07-05
Actually, I don't really like the size. But the owner wants it that long. So, we gotta figured out how to make it looks normal within that kind of dimension. Thank God for the V twin industry that they already came out with 20" diameter for the rear wheels, and it's definitely huge! So we use one of the metal motor sport products; 20" diameter with 10.5" wide, and mount the giant 280mm x 20" avon .. [more..]


Posted by Ade Putri on 2007-07-05
The picture's been blurred in purpose. Yeap, in order to give you all a surprising news and result (as usual!) in an upcoming few months... Keep yourself updated by checking on this site regularly. [more..]


Heavy Chevy Got New Frame
Posted by Ade Putri & Veroland on 2007-07-04
Now we are in progress donating '51 Pontiac's frame to Ari's '57 Chevy pick up. [more..]


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