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Veroland In A By Me

Posted by Ade Putri on 2009-04-03

Greasers, Kool Kats, Gear-Heads, Dudes & Dudettes,

Veroland of KickAss Choppers has just been chosen as 1 of 9 Indonesian icons by one of the cigarette brand, A Mild, to join a design competition titled "A By Me". Each of these 9 icons were asked to make 2 designs for A Mild special pack, which will be voted later on by public. The 4 highest voted designs from these icons, and also 1 best design from any public contestant [it's a public competition, too, which anyone can join!] will have the designs applied in this A Mild special edition pack.

Go check the website for the detail info!


, and vote for any Vero's design that you dig!
Remember; you can only vote once.

Errr, one more thing. To open this website, you should be 18 years old or more, live in Indonesia, and are a smoker too [Active or passive one, oh they didn't mention it anyway! Ha!].

Thanks a hundred thousand horse powers for yer support towards KickAss Choppers! Vroarrrr!

Cheers, Speeds & Powers,
KickAss Choppers
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